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Shadow Blade (Shadowchasers, #1) - Seressia Glass I read to about 63% and then this became a DNF for me. I liked that the book incorporated African and Egyptian mythology; so much (not all) of the urban fantasy and PNR that I've read uses European mythology, so this was a nice change of pace. However, I can't get past the Mary Sue-ish main character.

Kira is only 25 years old and yet she's the most bestest, smartest Shadowchaser the hero and his sidekick demigod friend have ever met. She can fight any baddie that comes along. The demigod--the most interesting character in the book--thinks she has "the spirit of the best warrior queens."

She fights effortlessly in a multitude of different styles, including "some [the hero] hadn't witnessed in a century or more". She claims to know capoeira, jiujitsu, and Krav Maga. According to the story, though, she had only five years of training to acquire the super-duper fighting skills, so nope, not believable. And I say this as someone who does have martial arts training in several disciplines.

Kira is also an antiquities expert with a master's degree. When did she have to do this? And how does become an expert within just a few years of completing a degree? If the character had even been ten tears older, I might have believed that she could have acquired all the skills attributed to her. But as is: no.