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While You Were Dead - C.J. Snyder **MINOR SPOILERS** **YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**

This is another book that I downloaded when it was on a free promo. I love romantic suspense and this looked right up my alley. I liked the characters. Kat was a good heroine, who (mostly) didn't engage in TSTL moments. Max was a likable and competent hero, and I thought the two characters had chemistry. The kid was cute, but not *too* cute. Yes, you gals know what I'm talking about...

But there were several plot points that didn't work for me. I don't understand why Max didn't tell Kat he was still alive after he returned. Even if she was getting married, the two had history, and he should have said something. I don't understand why the government had to pretend Max was dead, and the villain's explanation for why he was just now taking the actions that he was didn't make sense to me. And what the villain did years ago that warranted the present actions also seemed like overkill (little pun...for those who have read the book). Finally **SPOILER NOW** if the villain really just wanted Max out of the way, he sure took just about the hardest route possible. There were much easier ways to accomplish his task.

Since this is self-published, I'll comment on the writing, too. The writing was generally competent. The author did fall into the annoying-newbie-author habit of avoiding "said" as a dialogue tag; however, the rest of the writing was strong enough that I was able to overlook that and focus on the story...which means that I didn't particularly notice spelling, punctuation or grammar problems.

Overall, I would try another of this author's books. There is a note in the back of the Kindle version that if you email her your review, she will send you a copy of the next book in the series. I'm going to do that!