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Julie Doe

The Moon Rises (Gigi Monroe, #1) - Angela Horn LOL. DNF'd this crappy book at about 20%. I could see within the first few percent why this was self-published. The writing wasn't technically as bad as a lot of self-published books, but just about everything else was. To wit:

World-building? We don't need no stinking world-building. We're told that Gigi--our lovely speshul snowflake heroine--wakes up in "the Circle". Too bad we have to read the book description, rather than the book itself, to find out anything about this Circle. The reader also quickly hit with references to the "real" world and real geography, but no time or place is given for the story. A very amateur mistake.

The little world-building that does occur includes nonsensical and unexplained rules like the Alpha weres in the Circle don't take mates or have children. WTF? Protip: have your world-building make sense. (I did have a bottle of wine riding on whether or not poor silly Gigi turned out to be a virgin--my vote was YES for one of the most annoying tropes ever--but I couldn't bring myself to read far enough to find out.)

Then we have the Mary Sue heroine who is dumb as a box of rocks and has the survival instincts of a suicidal gerbil. She really is just super speshul, though, because all the males immediately lust after this woman who appears (to them) to have the mentality of child. cough***sexual predators***cough. Made my skin crawl.

And let me not forget to mention the reason for her cluelessness: Someone has wiped out all her memories and, in some cases (this is not clearly explained) replaced them with new ones. So she knows what a checkbook is but not how to use it. She doesn't know how to waitress, but she does know that she wants to cook (and how she remembers how to cook is ????).

Overall, just a poor execution of what might maybe have possibly been an interesting concept in the hands of a writer with some talent.