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Night Blade (Colbana Files, #2) - J.C. Daniels ****MILD SPOILER ALERT****

I really liked the originality and the world-building in the first book in this series, and this book is equally well-done. In this installment, Kit is hired by Banner to determine if/why her main squeeze, Damon, is killing other Council members. If he is, she needs to convince Banner that he has a legitimate reason for doing so; otherwise, Banner will put out a hit on him. Things are further complicated when Kit is put under a spell that prevents her from talking about her investigation to anyone. Damon eventually becomes suspicious, and their relationship is put to the test.

While I loved most of this book, I have to warn readers that the book ends on a down note. Kit is kidnapped and abused by a vampire. Although she is eventually rescued, the abuse leaves her...well, the title of the next book is "Broken Blade" if that tells you anything. I have read other books by Shiloh Walker--another pen name for the author writing here as J.C Daniels--and abuse and recovery from abuse seem to be a theme in her writing. The writing was well-done here, and heat wrenching at times--though not graphic.

I look forward to the next book in the series, as I want to see how Kit recovers from this and faces the next challenge.