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Metaphorical Thymes: Poetry for the Reader's High (Volume 1) - M C Behnke

I read the poems in this book when they were posted for free and for critique on an amateur poetry site. They are pretty bad, and no revisions appear to have been made based on the critique the author received.


The poems are free verse, but trite and forced rhyme dominate. He claims to be inspired by Sylvia Plath--or to write poems "in the vein of Sylvia Plath"--but that SOOOO far from reality it is laughable. Instead, the author seems to think that "metaphorical" writing = gobbledy-gook that only he could possible figure out. The author also makes up words and/or uses words as incorrect parts of speech. It's juvenile and immature writing at best, and the author has a ways to go before his writing even begins to approach professional or competent. It's certainly not poetry worth paying for.


Also, although I don't normally comment on author behavior, this author cannot take criticism and lashes out at anyone who doesn't give him unqualified praise.