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Creative Ways (book2) Women's Ways - Viv Rosser

This is a review for the poetry only! This was a tough book to give stars to, and I wish I could just write some comments instead. The book contains 15 poems that focus on women and women's issues. While the poetry wasn't bad, a number of the poems were weighed down by awkward and forced rhymes. The better poems were the ones that did not make use of obvious rhyme. Also the poems, while understandable and straightforward, contained no surprising or intriguing imagery or language. Nothing really made me take notice and say "wow, that was a great turn of phrase".

I also think that the women's issues presented in the poems were sometimes rather glibly addressed or contained factual assertions not born out by reality. For example, in "Equality", the author makes claims that there are very few women who are lawyers or judges, and this is clearly not true. The poem "What Women Want" is rather glib and obvious and contains no attempt to dig deeper and address something fundamental and profound about women. In the poem, "It's a Woman's World", the author seems to be complaining about the everyday things that women do as mothers and wives and at the same time implying that it is normal for the woman to be relied on for every aspect of home life (when in reality this is different for every family and has not been my experience at all).

Since this was self-published, I will add that I didn't see any obvious problems with grammar or spelling. The layout was readable and flowed fine. The artwork showed up properly on its own "page (this applies to viewing with a Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle for PC app).

Overall, the mechanics of the poetry are pedestrian but there is no depth to the ideas presented and no pizzazz to the writing. I think the author has potential. She clearly has a message and a view point, but for the poetry to succeed, I think it needs a bit more work.