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Poems: I - G. S. Mattu

This was another freebie that I picked up some days back, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'd rate this book somewhere between two and three stars, but closer to three (hence the rating)

There are 17 poems in this book, and they mostly focus on love. The poems are free verse and vary quite a bit in form--which is not necessarily bad--but in this case, it made them seem a bit scattered and not a cohesive whole collection, almost as if the author was still discovering a theme and style. That said, I did get a real sense of emotion and authenticity coming through even when the language sometimes failed to engage. The poems (generally) attempted to dig beneath the surface and present something unique to this author's viewpoint on the world and on relationships.

The language in the poems was sometimes interesting and sometimes pedestrian and dull. For example, in "Orbits", there are the lines: "You are leaving an orbit and I speak as one / Who has been left behind. / Left behind, to tidy a bathroom, / To clear out salmon pink bottles of / Soap and Glory and Glitter Rub." I liked the orbit metaphor combined with the plain language. But then in the next poem, "New", the language became rather vague and failed to engage me. Other poems were similarly inconsistent.

This book appears to be self-published despite the "Brampton House" listed as the publisher. Spelling and grammar were fine, though. The layout was easy to follow and flowed well on my Kindle Fire HD. The Table of Contents did not have hyperlinks to each poem, which would have been nice, but since this such a short volume, it was a minor inconvenience.

Overall, at the current price of $0.99, it's not a bad read.