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Turned - Julie Kenner Turned is the third book in the Blood Lily Chronicles. It is impossible to review this book without including spoilers for the previous two books. The plot summary will also make a lot more sense if the reader is familiar with the first two books.

At the opening of this book, Lily Carlyle has obtained the Oris Clef and now faces an agonizing decision about the coming convergence. Should she wield the Oris Clef and become the demon queen (and thereby attempt to avert the apocalypse even though giving herself over to evil) or should she sacrifice herself to an eternity of suffering by throwing herself into the portal to Hell when it opens, which according to the angel Gabriel will permanently seal the portal? Instead, in the days leading up to the portal opening, Lily and Deacon, a demon seeking redemption, search for another legendary key – one that can lock all nine of the portals to Hell.

Deacon saves Lily and Rose, who is now in Kiera’s body, from Penemue, his former master, although he has to retake his demon form to do so. Lily is able to talk Deacon back to his human form, and together they go to Father Carleton’s (he was a character in the first book) church to see if one of his colleagues has any knowledge of the key. Lily does get a lead from an old monk, and in the days that follow, Lily finds out some shocking information about both Alice’s mother and her own father. In the end, she and Deacon face the opening of the portal and overcome the forces of Hell (that shouldn’t qualify as a spoiler; it was kind of a given that they would succeed).

I like that facts and elements of the story that were included/revealed in earlier books were relevant to the overall story and were tied into the action in this one. It made for a nice overall cohesive story, that was clearly well-thought out and well-plotted.

I also liked that all three of the female characters – Lily, Rose, and Rachel – faced their personal issues and overcame them during the course of the books. I find strong female characters very appealing.

I did have a slight problem with the consequences of Lily’s actions during the final battle; a very similar combination of action/consequence occurred on a popular TV show. While reading up to the final battle, I was really hoping that this book would not take the same route, and unfortunately it did.

I also wish that demon possession was better explained. How can they possess people? Is there any way to resist? There were times when having a demon possess one of the characters (if they could) would have been the smart thing for the demons to do, and yet they didn’t do it. They possessed others instead.

Overall, though, I very much enjoyed this book and will definitely be looking for other books by Julie Kenner.