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Desire in the Dark - Naima Simone I found this to be an average read overall. This is a short story as others have mentioned; however, since the Kindle app for PC doesn't display page numbers (what the heck is up with that? that's one of the reasons I will never buy a Kindle), I can't offer any estimate of how many pages/words the story actually comprises. But it's not a very long read.

Alise and Mac have known each other and been friends for fifteen months; they each have the hots for the other but haven't revealed that to the other person - Mac for a silly reason, and Alise for no reason at all (at least not one given in the story). As the story begins, they are in Mac's office having a conversation about Alise planning to have sex with her current boyfriend when the power goes out. They decide they are stuck there "with no power and it being pitch black outside..." (Mac's words to a friend via cell phone). OK, what? I've been in a lot of power outages, and there's no reason the two of them couldn't have simply gotten in their cars and driven home. Seriously. This is a really, really stupid set up for the sex that follows.

The sex itself is decently written, and there was enough character back story presented prior to the sex that it felt like a natural development. And the characters are likable. This was the good part of the story.

The other reason that this story doesn't get a higher rating is that the author abuses dialogue tags throughout the story. She uses almost any tag but "said" (a classic beginning writer fault is to avoid "said") and even uses some tags which are not valid tags at all, such as "scowled" and "sighed". Where is the editor fixing this? I could never read a whole book written this way. This (amatuerish writing) has become a serious problem with Ellora's Cave books IMO, and I very rarely buy books from them any more. I am always looking for new authors, so I'll try their free stories. Unfortunately, this author will be a pass for me.

Overall: 2.5 out 5 stars