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Magic On The Hunt - Devon Monk "Magic on the Hunt" is the sixth book in the Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk. This review contains spoilers for previous books (no way to avoid it), so if you don't want to be spoiled, please don't read any further.

This book picks up three days after "Magic at the Gate" left off. Allie and Zayvion have been recuperating from the battle at the end of MatG at Allie's apartment, when Dane - the kidnapped Sedra's right-hand man - shows up and demands information from Allie's father. Allie's father, if you'll remember, is possessing her and Dane knows this. Allie is able to fight Dane and his men off. Dane gets away, and thus the hunt is on for him.

Allie is increasingly irritated with having her father in her head. Victor attempts to remove her father and send him on his way to...wherever the dead go, but is only able to contain him and put him under Allie's command. He is too tightly attached to her to remove completely. Still, this is a big step forward because Allie's father knows a lot of secrets - about the disks, about Leander (the shadow figure), Sedra, Mikhail, etc. - that he reveals during the course of the book when he is questioned by Allie. These secrets shed much-anticipated light of the mystery around the events that have occurred over the last few books and finally Allie and the others know who/what they are fighting and why.

At the same time, Victor and Maeve, as the remaining Voices (leaders) of the Authority after the schism and slaughter two books back, are now faced with a visit from their bosses, who call them to account for said schism and slaughter.

This book follows as Allie and the others search for Dane and Leander, attempt to rescue Sedra, and try to save Victor and Maeve from an unpleasant fate.

I've really enjoyed this entire series, and this book is no exception. Allie and Zayvion are a good match. I like that Allie stands up to Zayvion's - albeit infrequent - attempts to tell her what she can't do (it's too dangerous!). She doesn't cave in, and Zayvion comes around quite quickly and supports her. The dynamic of this relationship seems real and seems healthy. Zayvion can be an alpha male without being a jerk about it; he can let Allie be in charge sometimes. And Allie listens to him, too, when it's necessary.

And on that note, it was nice to have Zayvion back. He spent most of the last book in a coma, so there was not a lot of interaction between him and Allie. Nola and Cody are back in this book as well, with Nola considering a move to the City to be nearer to Paul Stotts, the detective that Allie works for sometimes. Allie's and Nola's friendship is tested by the Allie's recent decisions to keep Nola in the dark about the dangers in the city.

Overall, this was a good entry in the series, but I particularly liked it because the reader finally got some answers.