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Twelve Moons - Mary Oliver,  Mary Cliver I also found this book at a used book store. I was going through a phase reading a lot of poetry that used nature to explore human themes, and this book was a wonderful fit. The poems are free verse, some more structured than others, and steeped in natural imagery drawn from animals, the woods, water, and of course, the titular moons.

Some of my favorite poems include:

"At Blackwater Pond" which starts out "You know how it feels, / wanting to walk into / the rain and disappear - / wanting to feel your life / brighten and grow weightless / as a leaf in fall."

"Sleeping in the Forest" which starts with "I thought the earth / remembered me, she / took me back so tenderly, arranging / her dark skirts, her pockets / full of lichens and seeds..." and ends with "...By morning / I had vanished at least a dozen times / into something better."

"Beaver Moon - The Suicide of a Friend" which includes the lines "When somewhere life / breaks like a pane of glass" and "...you turn in your bed / to watch the moon rise, and once more / see what a small coin it is / against the darkness...".

I love the simple yet beautiful expression in these poems. Even though most are nominally about an aspect of the natural world, they still speak of human issues - of nostalgia, of the loss of a friend, of family relationships, and of the poet finding herself. I highly recommend this short collection.