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Julie Doe

Blood Cross - Faith Hunter Blood Cross is the second book in the Jane Yellowrock series. Jane is Cherokee, a shape-shifter with the soul of a mountain lion (or other large cat) inside her, and a vampire-hunter for hire. This book picks up where the first book - Skinwalker - ended, and I think that this book will be much more enjoyable and understandable if Skinwalker is read first.

Jane's current assignment is to find the vampire who is creating rogue vampires and bring him or her to justice. Her life is complicated by the fact that Leo, the master vamp in New Orleans, has it out for her because he believes that she killed his son (this was the climax of Skinwalker). Jane's friend, Molly, a witch, and her two children have come to stay with Jane, and Molly's daughter has some scary powers herself.

I hate to say much more about the plot because I don't want to include spoilers. I really enjoyed this book. The action was awesome, and I liked that we learned more about Jane's background and got to hear more from Beast. Also the originality of Jane/Beast co-existence is refreshing in a market that is glutted with urban fantasy. The world in the book is well-detailed, and there's even a romance plot. The secondary characters of Molly and her children also get a larger role in this book.

The only thing that I didn't like so much is that Jane doesn't seem quite as strong in this book as in the previous one. Strong women are one of the things that appeals to me about UF, so this was a bit of a disappointment - not enough to dock a star, but something that folks should be aware of.