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Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Remember a few years back right after urban fantasy became really popular and there was a glut of books with female narrators who all sounded the same - sarcastic, witty, nonchalant about danger? Well, I almost DNF'd this book at about 6% because the voice of the narrator sounded exactly like that. However, I was too lazy that night to load something else onto my Kindle so I kept reading.

It got better, but the story is still bogged down by stereotypical characters - the popular girl who turns out to have a good heart, the quirky sidekick, etc. The world-building did have a few interesting elements, although I'm still not buying that a supernatural creature could cause a *tattoo* to appear on someone. Bite marks, a rash, other physical evidence of injury? Yep. But an inked design? Nope.

Overall, 2.5 stars.