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Maddy's Oasis - Lizzy Ford I didn't have high expectations when I first downloaded this because I had been on such a bad run on self-published books (and this appeared to be self-published; not sure if it really was or not). However, by the end, I was pleasantly surprised. The two main characters--Madeleine and Jake--struck me at first as stereotypes, but as the story went on, I found myself liking them more and more. Supporting characters are also stereotypical--particularly the "big city" characters the readers is supposed to dislike--but again, Madeleine's assistant Eric and Jake's family come across as pretty likable.

It was pretty clear that the author doesn't know much at all about the building or the construction industry, and I found that aspect of the story annoyingly...wrong. And the suspense plot that played a major part of the first half to two-thirds of the story was just dropped in the end. Nothing apparently happens to the bad guys.

Still, it's a fun read with a happy ending.