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Willow - Kathi S. Barton If only this had had an editor...it could have been good enough that it didn't need to be self-published. This is one of the better self-published books that I have read. The writing was smooth. I truly liked the main characters of Willow and Jared. I thought that they had great chemistry, and the relationship developed in a very natural and believable manner. I'm not a big fan of almost-30-yr-old-virgin-heroines, but in this book, it worked. I loved the secondary characters as well; we get to see the parents of both main characters--and Willow's parents were a hoot.

So why an editor? Content editing!

(1) The villains were pretty much EEEVVILLLLLL. No shades of grey or depth of characterization. I think the book would have been stronger had the villains been given as much thought and development as the other secondary characters.

(2) Ms. Barton doesn't appear to know a lot about commercial construction--the phasing, who does what work in what order, etc. This may not bother most readers, but one of the reasons I bought this book is because I do know the construction industry and I wanted to read a book set around it; the construction-related details rang a bit false at times.

(3) The nail gun! *sigh* "Nail gun" is a slang term for an air nailer, and you cannot--I repeat cannot--shoot nails out of it across a room. Air-powered nailers of all sizes have a safety ring around the slot that shoots the nails, and you have to compress that ring on whatever surface you are nailing before the nailer will fire.

Anyway, despite those issues, I definitely recommend this book: 3.5 stars. And I intend to buy more of this author's work.