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Thief - Anitra Lynn McLeod I tried. I really did but I just have to give up before my brain completely rebels on me. This book was a DNF for me.

I like both science fiction and romance, which is what attracted me about this book. However, to steal a term from another romance genre, this is a "wallpaper" sci-fi romance. The world-building is extremely limited--think "space ship", "the Void", and "a planet" and you've got it most of it--and sometimes forgotten: for example, after a shopping trip on a planet to restock the ship for a long voyage, the heroine waxes on about how nice it is to have fresh vegetables again as if this was going to be a permanent situation (because yanno fruits and vegetables never go bad after a few days...let's talk scurvy for example).

The characters did not appeal to me either. The hero is a beta hero, at best, and even though I also don't like over-the-top alpha heroes, Jace needed to grow a pair and lead his crew, not let them squabble amongst themselves. Kraft, the feisty heroine, was the biggest Mary Sue I've read outside of fanfiction in quite a while. She's the bestest fighter, the bestest cook, the bestest gambler, the most smartest, the most beautiful, the most honorable ("honor" wins the award for most over-used word in the book BTW), etc., etc. *sigh*

The one member of Jace's crew who really dislikes Kraft is a big burly bad-ass fighter who is sterotypically MMEEEAANNN!!! until a while into the book we discover...(put down your drinks before you read this next part)...(no seriously)...he likes to quilt.

I stopped reading not long after that. The only reason this isn't a one-star is that, since this book was published by Samhain and had an editor, I didn't particularly notice grammatical and spelling errors.