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She Never Knew - C.J. Simpson WARNING: This is Christian fiction! And it doesn't say that anywhere in the Amazon description otherwise I would not have downloaded. Thank goodness it was a freebie.

I am about 50% into this and am quitting for several reasons. The main reason is that this is Christian fiction, which I have absolutely zero interest in. The book starts with the tragedy of heroines's parents and fiance dying in a car crash and the heroine being raped. Cut to five years later: The story changes to all about the heroine, and her too-cute son, and her neighbors and their too-cute little boy, and Church and vacation Bible school and her getting counseling from her pastor and her meeting a man in Church, etc. Did I mention that the heroine was a virgin until she was raped (so now she can have a kid and be a single mom for the purposes of the story but still be "virtuous"). Er, no. Not for me.

There is a hint of a suspense plot yet to come, but the person who wishes ill on the heroine has not made a move yet (at 50% into the book) so that doesn't seem like it will be much of a factor.

The writing is also rather bland. The author falls into the typical newbie author trap of using just about any dialogue tag besides "said". Dialogue tags are also punctuated incorrectly throughout, with periods at the ends of bits of dialogue where commas should be. I found it quite distracting.

Overall: two stars and a Christmas wish that the author would properly categorize this novel in the future.