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Breaking Twig - Deborah Epperson **MINOR SPOILERS** **YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***

I downloaded this when it was free the other day and was not sure what to expect. However, I ended up liking the book quite a bit. It *is* mostly a depressing story, with the poor narrator, Rebecca, suffering a number of hardships during the years that the book covers (from when she's 13 to when she's 21 if I remember correctly). Her father dies and her mother remarries a man who will become a big influence in Rebecca's life. A positive influence, which is something she desperately needs as her mother is abusive and needy and largely incapable of caring for a child. Watching the mother/daughter relationship develop to a place where Rebecca can finally make her own decisions and live her own life was interesting.

The other thing that I want to mention about this book is that, despite it being self-published, the writing is quite good. Most of the self-published books I read have grammar, punctuation, and basic writing problems. Not so with this book! The writing was nicely done, not overwritten or purple prose, and I quickly lost myself in the story. So bonus points.

Why only four stars? I thought that some of the events didn't quite ring true to me, particularly the part about Rebecca being stuck in a mental hospital for the length of time that she was.

Overall, though, I can easily recommend this book as long as serious domestic violence and strife are something that a reader doesn't have a problem reading about.