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Trapped - Kevin Hearne I won't summarize the plot as other folks have done a fine job of that. I have really enjoyed this series, but this book felt a bit like filler to me, like it was just setting up the conflict in the next book. I liked that we got to see the development of the relationship between Atticus and Granuaile, and we finally get to see Granuaile become a full-fledged druid. All that is great, but the rest of the conflict seemed...a let down. They have some minor conflicts with the Greek and Roman gods, and with some vampires, and then in the end, have to kill a great big god/dog. But there didn't seem to be an overall purpose to the course of the action other than, as I previously said, to set up the next book. I would still recommend this to fans of the series, but it wasn't my favorite.