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Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin I'm conflicted about this book. For a self-published book, the technical aspect of the writing was fairly good, as was the pacing of the overall story. I also generally like romantic suspense or thrillers.

However, there is a lot--and I mean A LOT--of of sex in this book, including a rape scene. Much of the later sex is BDSM with pain infliction. Which is not my thing and is not clearly indicated in the Amazon description of the book, although it is here on GR (which I read later). Fortunately, this book was a loaner from a friend.

I also never really connected with the main characters. I've known people, including musicians, who turned to drugs for various reasons, and I've never once found that lifestyle or person attractive. I'm also skeptical that a woman who was abused for two years would come to get off on the type of abuse she had been receiving (this is a major aspect of the storyline).

There were also minor other things that didn't ring true for me: how could someone with a false identity and on the run come up with the loans, leases, paperwork, etc. to open her own business? (Answer, she couldn't). How could one person own so much of the police, FBI, etc., that the hero & heroine go to them for help? (answer: he couldn't) And the way the bad guy was dealt with in the end was just way way too simple.

So I'm giving this book a three. Others may enjoy, but some of the topics and character traits included in the book were just major turn-offs for me personally.