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Last Chance To Fight - Ava Ashley

Boring is the best way to describe this book. Let me count the reasons:


It is told in alternating first-person chapters from Hunter’s and Anna’s point-of-view, but the “voice” of both characters sounds EXACTLY the same. And they both sound female.


The only real conflict in this story is with Anna’s former boyfriend showing up to cause some trouble. But even that, and a bit of Anna over-reacting to Hunter not telling her sooner about his daughter (even though Anna kept it a secret from him for quite some time that she couldn’t have kids) is about it. Other than that, Anna comes back to LA, sees Hunter, she’s hot for him, he’s hot for her, and they pick up where they left off nine years before. They start seeing each other and eventually Hunter proposes. And they live happily ever after.


Neither character really has any flaws, beyond Anna’s bit of over-reaction as noted above, but even that is dealt with in a page or two.


The writing was also pretty basic and sometimes amateurish. For example, there is a large info-dump from Anna’s perspective in the very beginning. Page after page--or rather, screen after screen since I was reading this on my Kindle--of why Anna had left LA before and gone to Australia and what had happened.... A good writer would have found a way to incorporate this into the narrative.


As a final note, I really wish that people who chose to write about MMA fighting actually knew something about MMA fighting. *sigh*